Thursday, 12 October 2017

Fire Curtains London

Whilst fire is certainly deadly, when a fire takes hold it’s the smoke- not the fire alone- that claims the most lives. 

It’s nearly impossible to endure the noxious gases at the time of their emission, building up into a super heated dense blanket of fumes. To get rid of the disastrous consequences of fire, you should install fire and smoke curtains in your premises, be it residential or commercial in London. 

Fire and smoke curtains in London can restrict the lateral spread of fire. They are proven to restrict the lethal smoke as well as poisonous gases in the event of a fire. These curtains are considered as the more effective solution when utilized as a part of the smoke control system. 

If you want to know more about fire and smoke curtains in London, please take a look at following unique specialties of these retardant curtains:

Improved Level of Safety -

Safety is the key feature you should consider when it comes to installation of fire and smoke curtains in London. These curtains are certified with 2005 Fire Safety Order BS5588-12 standard. 

They are specifically designed with coated fiberglass material to withstand the spread of fire for up to four hours.  Thus, you can prevent the flow of smoke and fire from an area to another. This way, people in the building can get time to evacuate without being affected by smoke or fumes. 

Accessible During Emergencies -

Though it’s possible to install fire and smoke curtains with guide-rails, you can install them in such a way that they will overlap simply with the surrounding wall.  Hence, they can be effortlessly pushed aside to allow access during an emergency.

Both smoke and fire curtains are the ideal option to crowded or public buildings - easy escape routes are desirable. 

Legislation -

Both business owners and employers have a responsibility to provide sufficient fire protection wherever it’s practically  possible.  Safe measures like installing fire and smoke curtains go a long way towards helping business premises comply with the UK legislation as provided by the government. 

Aesthetics -

The smoke and fire curtains fit into a slim box that keeps out of your way above the hatches or doors, dropping automatically only when it’s required (linked to the alarm system).

Convenience -

The subtle design of fire and smoke curtains make it perfect the areas where space plays a key role. For instance, hospitals could benefit from this type of fire and smoke protection as heavy fire doors or shutters require guide rails and frames that minimize the corridor width. 

Tamper-proof -

Fire and smoke curtains are fully stowed out of view when not in use. It makes difficult for patrons to tamper or hinder their performance, making them tamper-proof. 

Invisible -

Fire and smoke curtains have concealed design. When not used, both smoke and fire curtain assemblies are invisible virtually as they recess into the walls or the ceiling. 

Conclusion -

The use of fire and smoke curtains can protect your building from fire flames or smoke damage that would otherwise get out of control. Place the order for fire and smoke curtains in London at and prepare yourself for your smoke and fire hazards. 

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Roller Shutter Repairs

Security and privacy are topmost things that occupy the mind of people especially when they build their business or home. You may have the same priority and preferred to install the roller shutters or sectional doors and enjoy protection from rain, wind, theft and vandalism. Are your window roller shutters misaligned and not moving properly? Is your winder or tape damaged and need immediate replacement? Are you thinking to upgrade a set of manual operated roller shutters to an automatic electric system? If yes, then there are many highly specialized roller shutter manufactures and installers in London to serve your needs for roller shutters repairs, maintenance and renovation.

Select a reliable company among them to get quality roller shutters repair services and make your place secure again. With basic maintenance services and modern repairing technology, the London based roller shutter installers are capable to deliver you the best and quick solution as well as advice for your business and home security needs.

When the performance of roller shutters fails due to broken winder boxes, straps, non stick curtains or electric motors, the professional installer can deliver quality replacement services along with basic roller shutters repairs at a reasonable price. A bi-yearly or yearly maintenance of your door shutters by these professionals will give you peace of mind and also help in increasing the shutter’s longevity.

It is noteworthy that maintenance of your shutters should be done two times a year strictly in accordance with lubricating guidance and mechanisms. It is the professional who can follow the guide properly, wash curtains and clean out ventilation holes. Since shutters provide increased security and safety to your property, you should care to protect it with continuous maintenance services by professionals.

Whether it is your requirement for renovating or removing the existing roller shutters, changing color scheme or certain parts, make service fittings or any other kind of emergency roller shutters repairs, expert professionals will be able to handle it better.

There are various technicalities involved in the roller shutters repairs which can only be understood by professionals. No matter whether they are light duty or heavy duty roller shutters, it won’t be smooth and easy to perform repairs on them without proper training. Your fingers or arm may get trapped or worse may happen when the door comes crashing down on your top, when you are little careful.

Professionals dealing with roller shutter repairs have the essential skill and experience to carry out any kinds of repairs starting from shutter replacement and spring tension or replacement to automatic system repairs and regular inspection. Because they handle these sorts of repair works frequently, you can expect them to have the right equipment and proper insurance coverage for workers. As a result, you won’t have to worry about bearing additional expenses of injury claim in case some kind of mishap occurs during the roller shutters repair work. Professional shutters repairmen also have the best planning and price to safely manage the work.

If your roller shutters need repairing and you need expert professional who can handle it fast and in an affordable manner, consider London Roller Shutters. It is an established manufacturer and installer of roller shutters devoted to regular inspections, repairs and maintenance services for both residential and commercial shutters. For a fair quote on roller shutters repairs, London Roller Shutters can be reached at 0207 873 2390.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Roller Shutter Repairs

If you’ve a business you’ll more than likely wish to keep your property safe and secure from any kind of outdoor hazard. And the best way to secure your business is to have commercial roller shutters installed.

Here is how commercial roller shutters are beneficial to your business:
It offers high-end security:

Roller shutters offer a fast & efficient way to safeguard your business from any burglars as they can considerably amplify the time an intruder would require to get into your premises. Commercial roller shutters provide complete protection to your doors, windows or even the entire front area of your property, and are installed with an electronic appliance that’ll make them rolling up & down when required. 
Prevent Theft & Criminal damage:

Roller shutter also comes with additional defense against vandalism, as they safeguard glasses from being damaged & the face of your building being disfigured with graffiti. Throughout the business hours, a roller shutter can be rolled up in order to showcase the facade of the business & rolled down to safeguard it when your premise is unoccupied. Being tough and strong it gives you overnight safety.

Extreme protection against the outdoor elements:

Another advantage of a roller shutter is that it offer defense from the outdoor elements such as wind, rain, damage from storms & hailstones and astoundingly, they also can offer a supplementary coat of insulation on your doors and windows. 
Ultimate privacy:

If you’ve a business that needs a degree of confidentiality or privacy then roller shutters are the ideal options to go for. Most of the businesses are often placed on busy streets & roller shutters can be employed to offer ultimate secrecy after closing time.

Temperature Control:

There are many other benefits like it really acts as a insulator for various seasonal and environmental factors. With using Roller shutters, you will find the inner temperature controlled and also control over the air flow. 
There’re several advantages of having commercial roller shutters installed in your business premises, but if they’re damaged by the outdoor elements or acts of vandalism, then you’ll need the help of a firm who can offer quick roller shutter repairs in a cost-effective manner. And for this, you can trust on London Roller Shutters. We’ve been the reliable manufacturer & installer of roller shutters for businesses & property owners since 1994. For a free non-obligation quote, call us now on 0207 873 2390.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Insulated Roller Shutter in London?

These days, insulated roller shutters in London have become popular among both homeowners and business owners because it is easy to maintain and simple to use. Installing insulated roller shutters helps in improving a property’s curb appeal and maintaining a good indoor temperature control. The British weather is known for the large variations. The long wet and cold winters or sometimes hot summers can directly impact on the internal environmental conditions of your home, workplace or manufacturing unit. In this case, you need to install durably built insulated roller shutters to get the best solution for maintaining a good climate control and experience the reduce in energy cost. The strong and durable insulated roller shutters can be custom made based on the type of promises.

Let us explore the solid reasons that help in understanding the importance of installing top quality insulated roller shutters at any residential property, industry or commercial place in London!


1. Good Temperature Regulation:

It is believed that too much sunlight coming into the room of your London home can reduce the comfort level of the room. In this case, installing the insulated roller shutters will prove to be value for money, as it ensures a good temperature regulation, which reduces the usage of heating and cooling systems. By installing the insulated roller shutters, you will experience reduce in your energy bills every month and enjoy a peace of mind.

2. Enjoy Noise Reduction:

Office establishments in London require a peaceful and quiet work environment. What if your office is located on the side of a busy road? In this case, you can install the best quality insulated roller shutters on your doors and windows on your London office that will help in efficiently reducing the noise levels (coming from outside). These days, most of the high-end offices in London are installing insulated roller shutters to enjoy a quite working environment and experience an increase in productivity level.


3. Security and Privacy:

Security and privacy are the two most important factors that drive every residential and commercial owner to install durably built insulated roller shutters. Whether it is your business establishment or residential property, installing the insulated roller shutters will provide you with a peace of mind and offer the utmost level of privacy and security.

4. Control Light:

The highly insulated roller shutters are built in a durable way to provide good control of light. Are you irritated by the excess light coming into your room or workplace? Do you have a large window? Then compared to using the curtains, installing the well-insulated roller shutters will provide you good control of light coming in.

If you are looking to buy the best quality insulated roller shutters in London, and then relies on London Roller Shutters. We manufacture and supply the highest quality insulated roller shutters that are available in a wide range of style, colour and variety of operational options. As per your requirement and specification, we can custom built your insulated roller shutters using the best quality materials. To place your order and enjoy the best deals, please call us today at 0207 873 2390!
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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Roller Shutters London

Industrial doors, GRP doors or crash doors are the major points of any workspace, with security is most important and also the quality of materials used are also of high concern. All the equipment can be made to your specific needs in a majority of the cases, meaning the firm you pick to supply your industrial doors in London will make them to fit, set up them and then take care of the doors, generally on a contract basis.

Below, we will throw a look at the different kinds of doors accessible for industrial units, warehouses, and factories.

Roller Shutter: Well, roller shutters in London are probably the most productive security doors for all sorts of industrial sites, from new buildings to factory extension or renovation. Roller shutter ‘roll’ up when opening & ‘roll’ down while closing, which aids to boost their strength & also signifies that one can install roller shutters in limited upright areas because whenever the door open it rolls up into a tube shape on top of the door in order to save space. 
Sectional Door: Nonetheless, sectional doors are becoming more & more recognized because of their increased competence and cost effectiveness, making them the most used doors throughout the country. Sectional doors open & close in individual panels, which makes employing these doors either manually or through electronic procedures pretty smooth & controllable.

Personnel Door: As the name says, a personnel door is an alternative that’s employed by visitors or your business staff to access one site from another. These doors can be manufactured in all sizes and shapes and can also be assembled from the exact material you want, meaning that you’ll have the luxury to pick from very lightweight doors to high-security steel personnel doors if you need. 

Fast Action Door: Fast action doors are self-repairing quick roll up doors with an opening velocity that can be customized as per your need. This suggests that this kind of door is ideal for areas that receive high traffic. Fast Action doors are also affordable and low in terms of maintenance making them most desirable for heavy industrial applications. The curtain on these doors can be re-sealed as well if struck by traffic, which eventually helps you get rid of the expensive call out of technicians and keeps your operation active.

At Westwood Security Shutters, we provide a vast range of rollers hutters in London manufactured by our experienced craftsmen in our own state-of-the-art factory. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of our security doors. That’s a bet! For further help. Do contact us at 0207 873 2390!